Alabama Daughter and Author Visits KDS 3rd Graders


Beth Stewart presented a copy of her book to KDS Elementary Librarian Valerie Largen.

Beth Stewart, a Daughter from Birmingham, visited with KDS 3rd graders during Dedication Day to read her book My Sister, Sehoy.

My Sister, Sehoy is a children's book of historical fiction. Sehoy was a Creek Indian woman who lived in what is now the state of Alabama. Her life and the lives of her descendants greatly influenced the history of the Creek Indian nation, as well as that of Alabama and the United States. This fictional story is about Sehoy and her little brother, Kiki, and how Sehoy might have met her husband, Captain Marchand, the commander of Fort Toulouse.

Beth Stewart is a member of the Princess Sehoy Chapter, NSDAR.


KDS 3rd grade students enjoyed Mrs. Stewart's reading and learning about Princess Sehoy.