Where is KDS located? KDS is located in Marshall County, between U.S. Highway 431 and U.S. Highway 72, in the northeast corner of Alabama. The nearest major city is Huntsville (40 minutes away) and nearby towns are Guntersville and Scottsboro.
How large is the KDS Campus and how many staff members are employed? The campus includes 240 acres of land and 40 buildings (10 of which are faculty houses and/or apartments). The current enrollment stands at about 1400 students in grades K-12. The faculty includes approximately 87 certified teachers, 3 principals, 2 assistant principals and one administrator. Support personnel (secretaries, aides, lunchroom staff, school nurse, maintenance staff, custodians, bus drivers, etc.) add 51 additional staff employees, bringing the total school employment to 144.
Is KDS a private school? No, KDS is a privately owned public school. As a public school it is open to any child residing in the school's district as set forth by the Marshall County Board of Education.
Is KDS a boarding school? No, KDS is a day school only.
How many students does KDS have? KDS has approximately 1400 students enrolled in grades K through 12.
How is the school funded? The school is funded by donations from DAR members and other generous individuals from all over the country. Teachers' salaries, textbooks, student transportation, and the child nutrition program are some of the services paid for with local, state, and federal funds through the Marshall County Board of Education.
Are contributions to the school tax-
Yes. The IRS cumulative list of tax exempt organizations, October 31, 1977, page 557 has the following:
Kate Duncan Smith DAR School, Inc.
What percentage of KDS
Graduates attend college?
Over the past 5 years, the number of KDS graduates attending college is 60%.