Greatest Needs

1) Annual Fund Contributions

Gifts to the KDS Annual Fund continue to be the school’s greatest need. This fund is unrestricted and allows KDS to address the immediate needs of the school and its students. The Annual Fund also covers expenses for projects and programs when adequate restricted funds haven’t been donated.

2) Children’s Fund – Personal and Healthcare Needs

Many of the students who attend KDS do not have the basic items so many of us take for granted. A contribution to the Children’s Fund provides for students’ personal items like shoes, coats, and backpacks, and for healthcare needs such as dental visits and eye glasses. No child should be without the most essential needs!

3) Campus Facilities

With more than 240 acres of land and 40 buildings on the KDS campus, maintenance and upkeep is an ongoing and somewhat daunting endeavor. A small sampling of items covered by this fund is HVAC repairs, plumbing upgrades, light bulbs, air filters, lawnmower parts, and Fire Alarm updates that are required by the State Fire Marshall. Providing the facilities our students need to thrive in their educational and social endeavors is essential!

4) Blessings Bags

This valuable program provides food sacks for schoolchildren who have limited access to food on the weekends. There are currently more than 225 KDS students grades k-6 who receive the packs. These students must be sponsored each year at a cost of $100 per student.

5) College Scholarships

One of the greatest gifts to give a KDS student is the opportunity to further his or her education. Gifts can be made to sponsor a specific scholarship or can be designated to the KDS Scholarship Fund which provides renewals to deserving graduates.

6) Legacy Gifts

Estate gifts are an enduring reminder of a donor’s support for KDS DAR School and its mission. There are a number of ways to remember KDS in your will: a specific cash bequest, a percentage of one’s estate, and a remainder bequest are just a few examples. Did you know that you can name KDS as a beneficiary on an insurance policy or gift specific stocks or bonds to the school? Each and every gift, regardless of the amount, displays a commitment to KDS and its students.