In-Kind Giving

as of July 2017

School Supplies

3-Ring Binders (1" or 2") Hand Sanitizer
Colored Pencils Kleenex
Composition Books (not spirals) Liquid Hand Soap
Construction Paper Pencil Sharpeners (enclosed)
Copy Paper Pencils #2
Crayola Crayons (24 pack) Pocket Folders (with prongs)
Crayola Crayons (large, 8 count) Scissors (adult size)
Disinfectant Wipes Sharpie Markers (black & colors)
Dry Erase Markers Subject Dividers for Binder
Fat Pencils (for kindergarten use) USB Flash Drives (4 or 8 GB)
Filler Paper (wide rule) Washable Markers
Glue Sticks Zippered Pencil Pouches
Graph Paper
*Please do not purchase spiral notebooks to donate to KDS.
Very few teachers allow students to use them and a large supply is on-hand at this time.

Art Classroom Needs

Acrylic Paint Lace, Ribbon, & Yarn
Beads & Buttons Old Compact Discs
Canvas (flat or stretched) Pencil Sharpeners (enclosed)
Costume Jewelry Scrabble Game Pieces
Crayola Markers Seed Beads (all sizes & colors)
Glue Sticks Sharpie Markers (all points & colors)

Health Supplies


Adhesive Wrap 2x5 and 4x5 Batteries: D, C, AAA, 9 volt
Antibiotic Ointment Bottled Water
Band-Aids Large -2x4½ latex free Cheese Crackers
Band-Aids Regular -1x3 latex free Clorox wipes
Eye Wash Deodorants-travel size
Gauze Pads Non-Adherent 2x2 Kleenex
Gauze Pads Non-Adherent 4x4 or 3x3 Lysol/Clorox spray
Gloves-medium, latex free Peppermints
Instant ice bags Safety Pins
Lice combs
Wax for braces
These items are needed year-round and are tax deductible in most cases.


round and are tax deductible in most cases.