Middle School Peer Helpers

The KDS DAR Middle School Peer Helpers are a part of a program active in many schools throughout the state and nation through the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation.

middle school 1

These Peer Helpers guided students and their
parents on Back-to-School Orientation Nights

This program provides assistance to youth with the hope of enabling all young people to have access to help, understanding, and positive reinforcement when they need it. Selected students make up a team of leaders who are committed to serving others. They are trained to assist fellow students with social, emotional, behavioral, and educational challenges they face day-to-day. Peer Helpers work to build a positive school climate and culture.

The KDS DAR Middle School Peer Helpers have been extra busy welcoming everyone back to school. From passing out schedules and giving tours of the school to guiding students and their parents during orientation, KDS DAR Middle School Peer Helpers offered their assistance. They welcomed students with motivational posters and planned a meet-and-greet for all of the new students to the middle school this year.

middle school 2

Peer Helpers welcomed all of the new students to
KDS Middle School with a snack meet-and-greet social.