Patriot Scholars Have a Successful Season

Scholars Bowl cropped

The KDS DAR Patriots Scholars’ Bowl team won the Marshall County Scholars’ Bowl Tournament on January 15 and remains undefeated in the series. The Marshall County Technical Center hosted the tournament inviting teams from Asbury, Brindlee Mountain, KDS DAR, and Douglas. The contest pitted the brightest students from each school in head-to-head competition designed to test the team members’ knowledge of math, science, history, geography, current events, and pop culture.

Each team squared off with one of the other teams in turn in a round robin style match. At the end of the tournament, the team with the most wins overall was declared the champion. The KDS DAR varsity team, captained by Lucas Chaney, won their first two rounds against Asbury and Brindlee Mountain, winning both by large margins. During the final round, Douglas forced DAR into a tie-breaker, but the KDS team hung on to bring home the victory. During the tie-breaker round, DAR math whiz Spencer Plep provided the answer that sealed the win.

The JV Patriots were just as successful. Leading scorer and team captain Eli Chapman led the JV team to lopsided victories over both Asbury and Douglas. Brindlee Mountain did not field a JV team.

The DAR team spends time each week before school to hone their skills. “I am very proud of these competitors”, said Scholars’ Bowl coach and chemistry teacher Laurie Gluck. “They work hard and put in many hours to improve their knowledge.”